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Siding Care & Maintenance

Duratemp texture 1-11

Duratemp Siding is one of the most versatile siding products manufactured. It is manufactured with a strong plywood veneer inner core and a tough hardboard face that won't split, crack or check - even with rough treatment. Its durability and strength ensures that maintenance costs are kept down. Duratemp has the texture and appearance of natural rough sawn cedar and its surface is 100% clear and free of patches and repairs. Maintenance is simply a matter of painting and re-caulking as needed, typically every five years or so.

Vinyl clapboard and vinyl shakes

Vinyl clapboard and vinyl shakes do not require painting. To clean, simply wash vinyl siding with a soft cloth or ordinary long-handled, soft bristle brush. Small spots of mold and mildew can be handled with cleaners such as Fantastik¨ or Windex¨. For larger sections, a solution of vinegar (30%) and water (70%) has proven successful. The raised panel doors can be painted and the edges should be coated from time to time.

Board and batten

Board and batten siding needs either painting or staining on a regular basis to protect them from the elements. Most people choose a clear or semi transparent finish to allow the grain of the wood to show through.

Cedar clapboard

Cedar is naturally more moisture and insect resistant than other woods due to the presence of tannic acid. Some people will let cedar weather naturally while others prefer to treat it with a finish. You can use a clear water-repellent preservative to boost the natural water-repelling qualities of the wood. You can also apply a stain or a primer and a latex paint to the wood. Follow the directions for each on the containers and work from the top down.

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